Who can apply for the Lab?

You are:

  • Currently enrolled in a STEM focused undergraduate program or have graduated within the last 2 years from a STEM focused undergraduate program. Advanced courses in calculus, linear algebra, statistics and some programming experience is strongly preferred. 

  • Interested in how AI can be used as a tool for social change.

Where will the Lab take place?

In 2020, the program will take place remotely to promote social distancing.


Under normal circumstances, the Montreal program is hosted by Mila (6650 St. Urbain) Montreal, QC.


The Edmonton program will be hosted by Amii in the summer of 2021.

What is the time commitment and schedule?

The Lab is an intensive program. Under normal circumstances, participants are expected to work from 9-4pm Monday - Friday over the course of the 7 weeks with some evening events. For 2020, as the lab will be done remotely, participants are expected to do 5-6 hours of work spread throughout full-cohort live lectures, small-group collaborative exercises, and individual coding time.

Do we need to pay to participate in the Lab?

The Lab is focused on alleviating economic barriers of access to AI training. There are no tuition fees, and every participant receives a stipend which is determined on a yearly basis. In addition, participants traveling from outside the area of their program are eligible for a travel grant and, in certain cases, their accommodations during the program.

The only fee requires is a $75 registration fee for all confirmed participants.

Can we participate in the program if we are not from Montreal?

Yes. The program is open to all women and those who identify as women, across Canada. If you are travelling from out of town you may be eligible for a travel grant once you are accepted into the program.

Where can I stay in Montreal if I'm coming from out of town?

For the Montreal 2020 Program, participants are expected to stay at their own residence. Under normal circumstances, we recommend subletting or using AirBNB. There’s a Facebook group dedicated to Montreal sublets. We are happy to help if you have more questions regarding housing once you are accepted.

What are the expected outcomes of the lab?

The lab will provide participants with a foundation and training in the latest machine learning technologies, expand their network with the Canadian AI ecosystem, as well as give them the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned on a social problem of their choice. By the end of the program, participants will perform a demo of their projects.

Other questions?

Please email us at info@ai4goodlab.com.

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