NovaScience Program

Quebec Takes Action to Promote Diversity in AI

The Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation is enabling the AI4Good Lab to continue its mission in providing access to training and mentorship for underrepresented individuals in AI through the NovaScience Program  support for "Training initiatives in artificial intelligence (AI)" in 2021 and 2021.


The NovaScience Program is promoting the next generation of science and technology in Quebec by supporting projects which are aimed at motivating, training, and educating new talent. The Lab’s goal is to increase the representation of women and gender minorities in the field of Artificial Intelligence. By investing in these efforts, Quebec is playing a critical role in fostering a culture of innovation, inclusion, and prosperity in the Canadian AI ecosystem, thus driving AI solutions that promote social good.


The AI4Good Lab celebrates the achievements of the women in the 2021 Montreal cohort, made possible through the generous support of the NovaScience Program.