May 19, 2018

Montreal's AI4Good lab aims to get more women working in artificial intelligence

Montreal Gazette

The program, now in its second year, aims to give participants the background and the confidence to continue in AI, whether that’s by studying it in graduate school, applying the technology in other areas or by starting a business, said Precup, a computer science professor at McGill University and the head of Google-affiliated AI company DeepMind’s Montreal lab.


The world of technology is waking up to the need to be more inclusive to the women who are part of it. This is even more true when we talk about women in leadership positions in technology companies. How can this imbalance be addressed? Here is the fundamental thinking that led to the development of the McGill University laboratory: AI for Social Good Lab.


There is a growing demand for a more diverse workforce, especially in the technology industry. Unfortunately, despite the world’s brightest minds and largest institutions banding together in an attempt to diversify the workforce, female employment rates in STEMM jobs have only slightly improved, and have actually declined for those in Computer Science.

McGill Reporter

Recently, McGill’s Office of Innovation asked bright, creative minds to make something that helps all of us live a little bit better in the first-ever AI4good Hackathon.


McGill Innovation’s AI For Social Good Summer Lab is an initiative running during the whole month of June 2017 in an effort to inspire and mentor women in product development and design in the domain of AI.

McGill Reporter

From June 5 – 30, 20 young and dynamic women will participate in McGill’s first-ever AI for Social Good Summer Lab at McGill. The women-only Lab is a direct response to the lack of diversity in the field.

Montreal in Technology

McGill Innovation is launching a one month Summer Lab in collaboration with McGill Reasoning and Learning Lab that will teach technical concepts in machine learning , in addition to digital product development and design applied to a specific social problem.

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