The AI4Good Lab pauses to #shutdownstem and reflect on racial injustice

#ShutDownSTEM4 cover photo

The AI4Good Lab pauses for #shutdownstem to address global racial injustices

Today we will hold no classes. We will pause to engage in reflection, with our participants, organizers, and academics on the global racial injustices brought to light.

The time is late. We have been here before. We know, whether we lived through the last Civil Rights Era half a century ago, or we are experiencing this as a first in our generation, that our society has continued to struggle with brutal murders, clear hatred, and systemic prejudice.

These voices have spoken for lifetimes. We have been here before. Today, we must raise them again, and admit to all what we have not achieved. We stand with #blacklivesmatter and #strike4blacklives

The AI4Good Lab is driven to enhance representation through education of underrepresented individuals. We have focused on women, and are eager and driven to increase the number of Black people and other PoC amongst our participants. Today, we will engage our participants and team in discussion to reflect on the current state of STEM and AI in particular, and brainstorm ways to address it, ultimately increasing our contact and inclusion amongst marginalized groups.

Ridding our society and institutions of racism requires action. Progress is not inevitable, and must be worked towards everyday, not just today.