New partnership to create more opportunities for women in Artificial Intelligence for good


OSMO and CIFAR partner to grow the AI For Good Summer Lab program


MONTREAL, May 10, 2019 – OSMO is proud to partner with CIFAR for the AI For Good Summer Lab program, an initiative that provides undergraduate women in STEM fields with exposure to training and networking opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI).

The CIFAR-OSMO AI For Good Summer Lab, the first lab of its kind, will provide a cohort of up to 30 women from across Canada with the opportunity to learn about AI from leaders in the field, as well as gain valuable insights and connections with industry.

The partnership will support the expansion of the AI For Good Summer Lab across multiple locations in Canada over three years, and will provide the next generation of women in AI with enhanced support, opportunities and connections to develop AI leadership, with an emphasis on making a positive impact on society. CIFAR will provide financial and in-kind support of $300,000 over three years to support and grow the program.

Through its partnership with CIFAR, the AI For Good Summer Lab program will be included under the national program of activities as part of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, the world’s first national AI strategy. The partnership will reinforce the AI Strategy’s commitment to supporting research and training opportunities that advance equity, diversity and inclusion in AI.

“Our government knows that we need diversity of backgrounds, experiences and thought to breed great research,” said Minister of Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan. “The CIFAR-OSMO AI For Good Summer Lab provides women with access to some of Canada’s top research leaders in AI and gives them the opportunity to help Canada’s health, environment, communities and economy thrive.”

“I could not be happier to be working with CIFAR to increase diversity and inclusion in AI research and development. Thanks to CIFAR’s excellence and expertise in supporting world-class training programs, we will be able to increase the impact of the AI For Good Summer Lab and help maintain Canada’s leadership in AI by leading the way in diversity and inclusion in AI research and development,” said Angelique Mannella, the program’s founder.

“Diversity has a pivotal role to play in the development of responsible, inclusive and transformative AI,” says Dr. Elissa Strome, AVP research and executive director of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy. “CIFAR is thrilled to partner with OSMO in supporting the AI For Good Summer Lab, a program committed to giving undergraduate women skills, expertise and mentoring in AI. These bright, ambitious young women have the potential to lead in Canada’s AI future.”

About the CIFAR-OSMO AI For Good Summer Lab

The AI For Good Summer Lab was co-founded in 2017 by Angelique Mannella and Doina Precup, who is a Canada CIFAR AI Chair, professor at McGill University, member of Mila and researcher at DeepMind. The first of its kind, the lab focuses on innovative approaches to teaching and learning in artificial intelligence.

The Lab takes place over seven weeks from May 8 to June 21, 2019 and brings together a cohort of 30 women from across Canada. The program mixes lectures, workshops and self-directed team projects. Instructors and mentors include university researchers, graduate students and practitioners from startups, companies, inter-governmental organizations and city government. There is a strong emphasis on curiosity-driven learning and mentorship from both peers and industry experts.

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