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We are creating a more diverse pool of junior talent in AI.

AI4Good Lab participants

The AI Industry has a diversity problem.

Women+ are underrepresented at all levels in the AI industry, particularly in leadership roles. The gender gap exists in the workplace, it exists in academia, and factors such as race and ethnicity add further dimensions to the distinct experiences of women+ in the industry. You can read more in the 2021 Stanford AI Index Report and the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2021. Lack of diversity is especially critical in AI, as it is well documented that biased algorithms have the potential to perpetuate discrimination at a mass scale.

Championing gender inclusivity.

The AI4Good Lab was founded in 2017 by Dr. Doina Precup and Angelique Mannella to improve the culture in Tech by addressing the gender disparity through mentorship and education. Our program is designed for women+, which includes cisgender women, transgender women, non-binary people, and anyone who identifies as having experienced misogyny. The “+” in “woman+” is in no way intended to erase or minimize those for whom the term ‘woman’ doesn't apply or fully encapsulate their personal experiences. Rather the “+” is included to reach those who would benefit from our mission in creating opportunities for people whose genders have historically been underrepresented in the AI industry. We are committed to listening and growing as the conversation about the nuances and complexity of gender and its intersections evolves. Please view the StatsCan Gender Reference for more details about the term “women+”.

Diverse teams are the future of AI.

Our mission is to invite the people who are affected by AI but are not represented in its development and deployment into the room — our participants have the potential to go on as researchers, as developers, as leaders and policy makers, so we are here to introduce them to the technical skills, pressing topics, and most importantly, the contacts that they need to succeed in the AI industry. Diverse teams are key to fostering greater innovation, as well as social and economic returns.

From our co-founders.

Doina Precup, AI4Good Lab Co-Founder

“AI is a discipline that has the potential to affect so many lives, so it is really important to have a diverse point of view in the workforce, in the research community, in teaching, so we can make sure that the technologies are developed with everyone in mind.”

Doina Precup
AI4Good Lab Co-Founder
DeepMind, McGill University, CIFAR AI Chair

“One of the things that we really wanted to do was have that connection of promising women+ that could come together, explore their interest in AI and social good, and really take those relationships onwards.”

Angelique Mannella
AI4Good Lab Co-Founder
Amazon, AM Consulting

Angelique Mannella, AI4Good Lab Co-Founder

The 5 ways we are driving diversity.


Inclusivity for women+


Hands on, project-based learning.


Enhanced mentorship with senior experts in the industry.


Economic support through stipends for all participants.


Instilling social good at the core of AI innovation.

Our impact.


Alumni to date from all provinces across Canada


AI experts supporting the 2023 program


ML projects for social good developed over the years


Regional programs across Canada, and growing!

What our participants have built.

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What our alumni say.

Katie Lu

“The most important takeaway I got from the Lab was that there isn't a set path that you have to follow in order to pursue your interest in artificial intelligence. The unique interests and experiences that people have are what gives us the ability to help a wider variety of people with technology, and no matter who you are, there's a place in this field for you.”

Katie Lu
2021 Edmonton Alumni

The Team.

Advisory board

Doina Precup

Dr. Doina Precup

Lab Founder, DeepMind, McGill University, Mila

Angelique Mannella

Angelique Mannella

Lab Founder, Amazon

Alan Macintosh

Alan MacIntosh

Real Ventures, OSMO Foundation

Executive management

Maya Marcus-Sells

Maya Marcus-Sells

Executive Director of AI4Good Lab

Warren Johnston

Warren Johnston

Edmonton Regional Director at AI4Good Lab, Amii

Yosra Kazemi

Yosra Kazemi

Program Manager of AI4Good Lab, Co-founder at Sunia Technology

Christina Isaicu

Christina Isaicu

Operations and Research Associate of AI4Good Lab

Hadi Rouhani

Hadi Rouhani

National partners.

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Our thanks goes out to the many AI experts, speakers, and lecturers who‘ve supported our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive future for AI.

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