The AI4Good Lab was founded in 2017 by Angelique Mannella and Professor Doina Precup. It’s the first of its kind, focused not only on innovative approaches to teaching and learning Artificial Intelligence (AI), but also with the ambitious goals of tackling diversity and inclusion in AI research and development, and inspiring the next generation of technical leaders to develop AI as a force for social good.

The Lab takes place over 7 weeks (May 8 to June 21 2019) and brings together a cohort of 30 women from across Canada. The program consists of a mashup of lectures, workshops, self-directed team projects. Instructors and mentors include university researchers, graduate students, and practitioners from startups, corporates, inter-governmental organizations and city government. There’s also a strong emphasis on curiosity-driven learning and mentorship both from peers and industry experts.

May 8 - 24
Intensive training in Machine Learning
May 25
AI for Good Design Day
May 27 - May 31
Workshops with Industry Partners
June 3 - 21
Team Projects 
Office Hours with Mentors