2021 Cohort Announcement

AI4Good Lab 2021 Cohort

Today marks a turning point in the journey of the AI4Good Lab as we welcome 60 burgeoning developers into a rapidly expanding network of Canadian AI leaders. For the first time since the AI4Good Lab began in Montreal in 2017, we host these participants in two locations: Montreal and Edmonton.

Every year the AI4Good Lab undergoes a competitive selection process, and in 2021 we are thrilled to double our cohort size to allow more women-identified people this unique opportunity. We anticipate that they will go on to change not just the face of the technology industry, but to alter the course of that technology towards social improvement.

As AI algorithms are increasingly woven into our daily lives, it is essential that the teams creating that foundation represent the diverse faces of society, and are aligned with a mission to enhance quality of life.

“Technology is never neutral. It's made by people with inclinations and biases, so it cannot be expected to be a neutral subject. Artificial intelligence is the perfect example - it is clear that it can not be neutral, so it's up to us to ensure that it is good. I want to be a part of that change for the better.” — Hadiya Firdaus, incoming participant of the 2021 Edmonton Cohort

Welcome, and congratulations to the AI4Good Lab cohort of 2021!

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