The AI4Good Lab Welcomes 90 Trainees to the 2022 Cohort

AI4Good Design

We are excited to announce the 2022 AI4Good Lab cohort. We have tripled our cohort size since 2020 by welcoming 90 participants this year! Our growth is made possible by Ryerson University and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute who have joined us to host the Toronto and Edmonton cohorts.

Even as we expand, we continue to see a fiercely competitive selection process. Our applicants, located across Canada, are women and people whose genders are underrepresented in the AI industry. The interest that candidates express each year reaffirms our mission in widening access to education and professional networks in AI. Our participants have the potential to push the frontiers of AI forward with their optimism for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

“Groups such as the AI4Good Lab don’t just provide opportunities, they provide hope. I would love to be able to be a part of this mission  – using AI to create a better, more hopeful future in which we all feel connected, strive to uplift one-another, and value and respect our natural environment.”

Mckenna Ramsay (2022 Toronto Cohort)


During the 7-week program, participants will attend a variety of educational and networking events. They will learn the foundations of machine learning from researchers and professors at prominent Canadian universities. Participants will then dive into the real-life applications of AI with our guest speakers, and explore their career options at Industry Night. During the project weeks, TAs and mentors will help guide participants to develop their own machine learning projects. We make sure that social good is the central theme of every event, workshop, and project at the Lab.

Congratulations to the 90 participants selected across three cohorts (Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton). We’re looking forward to a collaborative and inspiring summer!

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