Forward-thinking partners trust AI4Good Lab to make artificial intelligence more inclusive

AI4Good Lab partners

The AI4Good Lab, which aims to build a more diverse and inclusive culture in AI with social good as its driving force, has kicked off its seventh annual program. Over the next seven weeks, the 90 trainees that make up the 2023 cohort will receive mentorship and training from top experts in the Canadian AI ecosystem, a mission made possible by the sponsors and partners who believe in the Lab’s vision.

In addition to our founding partners CIFAR and OSMO, this year’s event is brought to you by Mila and made possible by our delivery partners Amii, Vector Institute, Toronto Metropolitan University through the Design Fabrication Zone; our title sponsors DeepMind and IVADO; and our key sponsor Manulife.

In person & hybrid activities will take place at Mila in Montreal, Amii in Edmonton, and the Design Fabrication Zone at TMU in Toronto.

The mentorship, workshops, and recruitment opportunities provided by the sponsors are designed to help the participants start their careers in AI. These deep professional networks are crucial for integrating underrepresented individuals into competitive industries such as AI and Tech.

With growing interest in the AI community, the Lab is able to reach more candidates than ever: the cohort has tripled in size since 2020. The Lab is honored to be joined by organizations that are driven towards diversity, inclusion, and social good.

"Mila is proud to host the AI4Good Lab this year and we are thankful for the crucial support provided by our partners, with whom we share a common vision: to invest in fostering diversity in AI. We share the program’s commitment to academic excellence, inclusivity and social good and look forward to seeing new AI leaders emerge from the 2023 cohort.”

— Anna Jahn, Director of Public Policy and Learning, AI for Humanity at Mila

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